Create an heirloom – Why you should print your wedding photographs

March 15, 2017

Fine art prints Bowtie and Belle Photography

Here at Bowtie and Belle Photography, we’re on a little crusade to encourage the printing of your wedding photographs. In a digital age, and with the ease of accessing and sharing online, those printed heirlooms are sadly no longer a priority. And this is coming from experience… heck, I think we took two years to make our wedding album! Although, better late than never, and these days it proudly sits on our coffee table, along with some frames in our living room and office. Every day we have that sweet reminder of the day we said ‘I do’.

And in decades to come, an album or photograph will be treasured by your family. Who remembers sitting with their parents or grandparents as they so lovingly recalled the day they got married? As they gently turned the pages on their wedding album and as they told you stories about family you might not have had the privilege to meet.

You see, your wedding album or prints are as much for you to treasure now, as your family will for years to come. They are a continuation of your love story.

For those wonderful moments that happen, they are truly captured for eternity. Printing your photographs reminds me of the saying: ‘if only I could bottle this feeling’. I feel like with a print you can. An image can take you back to those feelings, the happiness, warm embraces with loved ones, even the music that was playing as you nervously walked down the aisle, to be met with a sea of smiles.

It’s never too late to create yourself an heirloom.

You can find out more about fine art wedding albums here. They truly are timeless and we know you’ll love them. We’re delighted to now also be offering prints, so please get in touch to find out more.

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